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Simi Valley Reverse Mortgage

President Ronald Reagan loved Simi Valley so much he opted to build his presidential library there. More than 126,000 people loved Simi Valley so much in 2012 that they opted to live there.

If you’re a Simi Valley homeowner older than 62, you could love Simi Valley so much you decide to retire there. And a reverse mortgage could make your retirement all the sweeter.

Simi Valley homeowners who purchased their homes before 2000 (and the mad run up in home prices that followed for several years) have seen their homes appreciate greatly in value, even when taking into consideration the downturn in home prices over the past few years. reports that the median sales price of a Simi Valley home was $228,000 in January 2000 and grew to about $415,000 as of September 2013.

If you purchased your home prior to 2000, your dwelling likely has appreciated in value by an even greater percentage.

Located just to the west of the San Fernando Valley on the eastern edge of Ventura County, Simi Valley lets residents enjoy the best of all worlds when it comes to living in and near Los Angeles: you’re not too far from LA to enjoy all that it has to offer, but you live far enough way that – even though the Simi Valley has its share of noise and congestion – you don’t have to put up with the absolutely incredible noise and congestion that is Los Angeles on a regular basis.

Simi Valley is in many ways a retiree’s paradise. The ocean is just a few miles away in one direction (fresh seafood dinner!), and high culture is just a few more miles in the other direction. The temperature the year round is pretty near perfect. Many people would love to be able to retire to Simi Valley.

As a Simi Valley homeowner of long standing, you’ll be able to do just that. And a reverse mortgage on your home could make your retirement all the better.

Michael O’Connor has more than 25 years of experience helping Simi Valley homeowners with their reverse mortgages. He can answer all your questions and explain the process clearly and simply.

Contact him at or give him a call at 805-409-0554.

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